Dive into Aquatics this summer!

Turns out humans are 60% water. Which makes a pretty good case for diving back into the stuff. Join us for open swim, lap swim, lessons, aqua fitness, and more!

Which level of swim lessons is right for you? Learn more here.



2017 Pool Season: June 1 – Aug 16

Johnstown Pool

This facility provides you with 25 yards of aquatic enjoyment while maintaining the neighborhood swimming hole feel with a diving board, available lap lanes, swim lessons, and separate baby pool.

Pool Hours & Activities:

Swim Lessons: 8:45-11:30am

Open Swim: 11am-4pm

Swim Team: 6pm-7pm

Closed on Sundays

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Milliken Pool

This facility provides you with a few newer amenities. The 0 depth entrance allows for gradual access to the water, and continues to 5 feet, where 2 slides drop in. Separate baby pool, water geysers and other water features offer fun for all ages.

Pool Hours & Activities:

Open Swim: 11am-4pm

Closed on Sundays

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Swim Lessons

Which level of swim lessons is right for you? Learn more here.

Please note: refunds will not be given after two days into the session.

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All lessons are held at the Johnstown Pool. Pre-Level 1 & 2 and Level 1& 2 Lessons are 25 minutes long. Level 3 & Up Lessons are 35 minutes long.

Pre-Beginner Lessons (5yrs and younger)

Level Times Offered

  • Pre-Level 1: 9:15, 9:45
  • Pre-Level 2: 8:45, 9:15, 9:45

Swim Lessons (6yrs and older)

Level Times Offered (AM)

  • Level 1: 8:45, 9:15, 9:45
  • Level 2: 8:45, 9:15, 9:45
  • Level 3: 8:45, 10:15
  • Level 4: 9:15, 10:15
  • Level 5/6: 8:30, 10:15

Dates for Swim Lessons

A series of sessions are held throughout the summer. Choose your level and time (above). Each session lasts 2 weeks. Join us for one or all sessions this summer!

Swim Lessons

Held Monday through Friday for 2 weeks. Cost is $50/session.


  1. June 12 – June 23
  2. July 10 – July 21

*Space is limited! Registration is available online or at the TRPR Office. Swim Lesson Registration is NOT available at the Pools.

Questions? Call Us! 970.660.8750

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Open Swim Admission:

Age:              Cost:

  • 0-2                       Free
  • 3-15                     $3.50
  • 16-64                  $4.50
  • 65+                      $3.50
  • Family Rate     $12.00*same household only


Season Passes:

Number of Members:

  1. $70
  2. $100
  3. $130
  4. $160
  5. $190
  6. $220

*all members must live in the same household, passes are redeemable at both pools. Passes can be purchased online or at the TRPR office only (not available for purchase at the Pools).

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Pool Party Fees:

  • $80/hr (2 hour minimum)*half of reservation fee is required to reserve date
  • Pool parties can be scheduled through August 6, 2017


Johnstown Pool

Milliken pool