TRPR Sports for the Family

Like the big leagues without all the messy contracts, drafts, and long road trips away from the family.

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Adult Softball

Come out and enjoy the game of softball this season! The season will have ten regular games plus a double elimination tournament, all played at Sticker Stadium and Nelson Farm Park in Johnstown. Men’s teams play on Friday’s and Co-Ed teams play on Sunday’s. Minimum: 4 teams/division. Once schedules are made no refunds will be given. Register as a team or call to be put on our free agent list! View the current Adult Softball Packet


Summer (June) Men’s & CoEd ……..$600/team
Fall (September) CoEd ……….$400/team

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Men's Basketball

Are you ready for this? Our first Men’s Basketball League is coming to the Milliken Athletic Complex! Games start Friday, January 11th, 2019. This is a six week league plus a two week tournament. Cost: $400/team. View the Men’s Basketball League Packet

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Adult Volleyball


Rally up your team for this season of Adult Volleyball! Games will be held on Sundays in Milliken (CoEd). There will be six games plus a tournament. Minimum 4 teams per division. View the current Adult Volleyball Packet



Spring Women’s 4 on 4 Volleyball League is played on Tuesday nights at the MAC. The primary objective of the league is to provide an enjoyable experience for all participants! View the current Women’s Volleyball Packet


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