Building a healthy, happy community through people, parks, programs and partnerships.

Thompson Rivers Parks & Recreation District serves the community with recreational sports, fitness and special events. Whether you are trying a sport for the first time, actively involved in a variety of programs or just looking to meet new families and friends in our area, we invite you to join us.  We operate and maintain six facilities across the Johnstown-Milliken area where you, your family, and your neighbors can come together in the name of fun.


Fitness is fun for all ages - from toddlers to seniors and every one in between. All you have to do is find what makes you want to move.


Turns out humans are 60% water - which makes a good case for diving in. Join us for open swim, lap swim, lessons and more.


Recreational sports are like the big leagues without all the messy contracts, drafts, and long road trips. Join the fun this season.


A body in motion is what TRPR is all about. Start a new chapter of movement with TRPR. View all that we have to offer in Fitness classes.